Specialists in Facial Aesthetics.

If you are considering having an aethetics proceedure carried out, even if its not with Platinum Aesthetics® there are a few basic but important questions you should ask your practitioner.

  • "Is the Practitioner a Medical Professional"..? If they say they are, ask to see there "Medical Registration", never, never put yourself at risk by having a proceedure done by a non medical professional...!


  •  "Does the Practitioner Have the Correct Medical Skills & Have They Undergone Extensive Training in Facial Aesthetics".?, For Example: If they state they were trained in Harley Street London ask to see there certification & make sure the certification is correct & that it states clearly when & where & for how long there training was, For Instance: " a 1 day training course in a hotel room in Manchester where the practitioner performs injections on oranges is not full training..!" Be warned these people are out there..! 


  • "Is the Practitioner Fully Insured"..? Make sure that your practitioner has full medical malpractice insurance & ask to see proof of that at your consultation. Non Medical Professionals cannot get this type of insurance, so if they cannot produce it, they are either -: Practicing Uninsured (This is Against the Law), or are not Medically Trained or both..!!


  • "Always ask about the Risks Associated with Your Proceedure".!", a medically trained practitioner will be able to answer these questions without hesitation.


  • "Make Certain That the Practitioner Uses a Sterile Pack".!, this pack should include sterile gloves & sterile dressings, the practitioner should open this in front of you..!! If they dont, then ask why..!! (Platinum Aesthetics use surgical grade sterile packs always..!!)


  • Ask your practitioner what they would do in the event that you had an allergic reaction during your treatment, your practitioner should always carry a anaphylactic shock kit, Platinum Aesthetics always carry this as a matter of routine for their clients safety.
  •   At Platinum Aesthetics your safety is our primary concern, we offer a free no pressure consultation where everything will be explained in detail & full assessment will be carried out by Lynn who is an "Independent Nurse Prescriber' who will asses you prior to any treatment / proceedure being carried out. All treatments are carried out in a clean & private environment. All our partner salons are very mind-full of this & all our partner salons have a clean sterile private room where your treatment will carried out.

 If you require any further advice or would like an informal chat, do not hesitate to contact Lynn on : 0779-6678331

"If you are from outside our region we can reccomend a practitioner in your area who would meet the above criteria "